Simple Hanukkah Dinner

Want to host some people for a Hanukkah dinner this weekend and not sure where to start? I’ve got simple recipes for brisket and latkes to get you started. Full recipes with pictures of the process will be posted below. And, I’ve got a printable with the recipes and the shopping list. Simple and Easy Weeknight Latkes Plan to make the latkes right before you eat. These are what I call weeknight latkes because I use some shortcuts. Traditional latkes include freshly grated potatoes and onions and sometimes that is just too much work. My recipe skips that step. Fool-proof

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Planning Your Holiday Meal

The holidays are fast approaching! To help you get ready I wanted to share some of my holiday meal planning tools. You can grab the printables at the bottom of this post. I’m a list maker and I find it helps so much, especially with big things like a holiday

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How To Rock Meal Planning

Is this you every day when you are asked what’s for dinner? Imagine KNOWING you’ve got everything you need, right in your own kitchen, to prepare a quick and healthy dinner to enjoy with your family. And you can do this every night of the week! Does that sound too

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Make Your Own Bento Boxes

I became obsessed with the bento-type protein box at a popular coffee spot. I liked that I got some protein, could eat it on the go with no utensils. I could eat at my desk, in the car or even at the park when I stepped out of the home

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Last Minute Holiday Cookies

There’s still time to make some easy, homemade treats to bring to a celebration or give as a gift. I’ve been down with that nasty cold going around but I still wanted to bring something homemade for Christmas so I pulled out my easiest recipes. First up are the Hershey’s

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Holiday Hangover

The recycling bin is full, the beds are stripped. I have a mountain of towels to launder. Welcome to the day after a holiday weekend with a house full of kids and family! We had a truly great weekend. Family, fun, food, games, walks, yoga, even a visiting dog as

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Sheet Pan Suppers – Pork Tenderloin & Green Beans

Our second day of cooking with the challenge and we’re making Pork Tenderloin and Green Beans Sheet Pan Supper. Let’s start with the potatoes if you are doing carbs. Heat the oven to 400. Get a sheet pan ready with foil and cooking spray. You can use regular potatoes or

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Sheet Pan Supper – Chicken Fajitas

Talk about easy! Let’s get cooking with a sheet pan supper. Making dinner on a sheet pan (or large cookie sheet) is easy! Let’s start by getting all of the ingredients prepped and ready. Since I use my Tastefully Simple products you’ll see some spice jars here in place of

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No More Back to School

It’s back to school day in my town. Not for me, my youngest is a senior year in college. While I’ve been feeling nostalgic the last few days with all the Facebook posts about little ones going back to school, I have to say there are some positive things about

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My New Travel Essentials

Not that you knew my old travel essentials, but these are some things I make sure I have with me now that I’m a little older and more tired! Band-Aid Blister Guards are amazing. You want to wear the cute, new shoes and these will save your feet. Also for

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Low Key Celebrations for Major Milestones

My in laws recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, my father in law is not up to leaving the house, but we still wanted to celebrate this milestone in their lives. Here are some quick tips that we used to create a low key celebration for a big life

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