Here we go…

Making your first blog post feels a little like jumping off a cliff! This is how it started. A fun writing prompt at a Writer Babes workshop, sharing it on Facebook, friendly encouragement and here we are. This is the Facebook post that led to the birth of my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

We were given a writing prompt of a fortune cookie. This is what came out…

My worn, spilled on, imperfect notebook.

My worn, spilled on, imperfect notebook.

Chinese food finally made me commit to Weight Watchers. It was a Sunday night and we were coming home from an exhausting trip to the outlet mall. I gave in to the family’s request for Chinese food. And I ate it, even the General Tso’s chicken.

I weighed myself the next morning and was up over 3 pounds. I know this because I now weigh myself every morning. Some of the meeting attendees encouraged us to weigh ourselves every morning. At first I refused. I went from never weighing myself to the weekly weigh ins at Weight Watchers. I was always surprised at the weigh ins – even the first week when I gained a pound.

Who gains weight on Weight Watchers? Apparently I do. So I kept going to meetings, listening to the stories about struggling over the bites, licks and tastes of food. At one meeting the leader said something about us probably all not being on the lacrosse team in high school.

She got me. So I started listening. Then I started weighing myself every day. Then it would become a game – weighing myself first thing in the morning, then again after my shower, sometimes at night to see how much you could gain over the course of the day.

So yes, I knew that eating Chinese food one night could make you gain 3 pounds. It made sense – it’s probably all the salt.

A few days later at the next meeting I was down 2 pounds. The leader asked if I was surprised. I said, “no, I weigh myself every morning even when coming to the morning meeting.”

Then I mentioned about the Chinese food. The leader said, “yeah, a lot of women here will ask what you ate during a week you gained. If you say Chinese food they say ‘oh yeah that will do it, don’t eat Chinese food.’”

18 weeks of meetings and I’m just now hearing this?!

Thanks to Chinese food I am now tracking my food, scanning bar codes on my iphone, eating at home more, chopping more vegetables, grilling more chicken and I am finally in a committed relationship with Weight Watchers.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Kim says:

    This had me laughing. I have done the WW and the dance with the scale regularly! Not sure I can do the daily thing though…but maybe 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I’m a little late replying to your first blog post. I gained weight my first week the last time I joined way back when! I thought I was the only one. Unlike you though I couldn’t bare to go back. It was my last attempt with them. Glad to see your success in it. Even happier to see you writing! Love you!

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