And, he’s off…

Starting a blog about your empty nest as you are moving your last child out is not the brightest idea I had.

The first words I needed to write were to him. To say the things I couldn’t say in the weeks leading up to his departure. The things I was hoping I could say before my last goodbye which was just a wave over my back shoulder as he said I love you and I walked away so I wouldn’t burden his excitement with my tears.

So having done that, and taken the time to recover from that, I can now reflect and write about the experience.


Some observations…

Girls are more fun to prepare for college than boys. Sorry son, and the other boys/men out there. With girls, you get to pick fun and pretty things. You coordinate with roommates ahead of time. You pick up things to decorate with – aren’t these lights cute? Look at these adorable picture frames? Which push pins do you want? Look! A MAGNETIC paper towel holder for your fridge!

With my girls, they ENJOYED College Night at the Container Store – seriously one of my best nights of the whole year. A  20% discount at one of my favorite stores. (Yes, I am a planner nerd and a hopeless pursuer of being organized.) My son just wanted to get in, get out and get a burger. So we did. (I went back without him the following week, because now they give you another chance at the 20%!)

With my girls, the post move-in Target run was fun! Again, picking up cute things and the stuff you forgot to get. With my son, he wanted to get out of there so fast he wouldn’t even go down the food aisles to let me get him more snacks. What?!

So maybe I was more sad this time because there wasn’t as much FUN in the process. To compensate, on the drive home I did some retail therapy. Chai and a new book at Barnes & Noble. Target – because Target is always fun. Finally the craft store, to pick up more cute things I don’t need for my current obsession – my Midori-style Traveler’s Notebook. More on that to come…


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