Blankies, Binkies and Bears! Oh my!

Did your kids have a favorite thing that they dragged around everywhere? Each of mine did.

For Kid 1 it was a stuffed pink bear named, aptly enough, Pink Bear. That bear become my second child long before I had a second child. That bear flew first class (bumped up, because the flight attendant thought my daughter was a cutie), was saved from the hotel laundry and was sent Fed Ex once when we we forgot it. Head counts before going anywhere included Grace and Pink Bear. By the time we managed to find a back up bear, the original one had faded so the new one was named Pink Pink Bear and was no replacement for the original.


(And, yes I do have better pictures of these two, but the picture searching was going to quickly reduce me to tears, so we’re going with this one!)

Kid 2 loved a handmade blanket – no! There is no way to have a back up on a handmade blanket! So we had just one blankie, or blank for short. Blank made its way across the country also and was even walked down the aisle of my very understanding cousin’s wedding when the photographer knocked the little flower girl over right before she was to perform her duties.


By Kid 3 we had caught on. His was a cute little blue blankie from a kids catalog that we bought multiples of, pronto! We had them floating around everywhere.  No Fed Ex, no digging through laundry or garbage. We got this!


A tear-free family picture, just by letting him hold the little blue blankie! Score!


A few months ago I walked into a bedroom and saw this.


Apparently the bear was no longer the center of her universe. It was relegated to a closet shelf with washed up bathing suits. It made me sad.

But, at least one kid still cherishes her blankie.


5 thoughts on “Blankies, Binkies and Bears! Oh my!

  1. Love this! Greta (10) has “blankie” – a fleece blanket given to me at my baby shower by someone with 12 kids. She also had “baby teddy” (pink teddy bear head with a blankie body) that she carried around for her first 2 years. Yes, 12!!! Jack (8) has his “dydee’s” – two plain ‘ole burp clothes. Both just use them for sleeping. But Gracie (6)…she has a handmade square of fuzzy fabric with tags sewn all around…this is her “tater tot” and goes with her EVERYWHERE. It looks…well…like it’s gone everywhere. LOL.

  2. So when I was born my I was given a teddy bear, I named him Fuddy Fuddy. I loved my little brother SO much when he was born, my mother told me I gave Matthew, Fuddy Fuddy. Matt slept with Fuddy every single night. Even took Fuddy to college! Still has him to this day and he’s rounding 46 this December. Childhood comforts can still bring them…the two stuffed bunnies sitting on my closet shelf from almost 50 years ago are a clear testament! Thanks for the memories, Cari!

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