Solo Activities

Solo Activities

As an introvert, not only do I like time by myself I actually need it. Learning that about myself was very powerful. One thing I never did though was go to a movie alone. I’m not sure why. Sitting in a dark theater, who is looking to see if you are by yourself or with someone? Not like dining solo at a restaurant. And, now that I’m 50, do I even care if someone is judging me? Not so much.

So today I was having one of those days where nothing was going right and I couldn’t get out of my own way. Because I work from home I can be flexible. The idea popped into my head to go see the movie Wild.

I have not seen a movie in a theater in years. I’m not even sure why, it’s just not high on my priority list. I like to watch them at home. So thanks to Google and a small movie theater 20 minutes away that was still showing the film, off I went.


It was amazing. I loved the movie, just like I loved the book. The message was very personal to me on many levels, although my journey was a cross-country road trip after reading the book and not a Survivor-type hike!

What I also loved was the feeling of playing hooky – I left a big to do list at home and I sat in a dark theater, absorbed in a story for 2 hours. I got choked up during certain scenes, but didn’t cry. (Something I learned to control in my childhood when my sisters made fun of me for crying at EVERY episode of Little House on the Prairie! hmmm…maybe this is why I don’t see movies in theaters?)

But I’ll admit, I’ve been weepy ever since. Yes, it was the story that moved me. But it was also further proof of my new role of an empty nester. For most of my adult life I could not have snuck away from 2 – 5 to see a movie. There were kids to be carpooled, errands to be run, dinner to be made or at least picked up.

As I ease into my new role I’m sure I’ll be finding many other enjoyable solo activities. How about you? What do you enjoy doing solo? Have you read Wild or seen the movie? I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Solo Activities

  1. Susan Chessin says:

    Cari – as usual I loved your story. I read the book and loved it too. Planning on seeing the movie & you may have inspired me to go alone. Time alone is something I crave also.

  2. Mel says:

    Cari, your blog and stories give me hope for my future and appreciation for my crazy “stay at home mom” life. It’s so easy to get stressed with a 2 1/2 year old and 5 year old. It’s constant craziness. But it’s fun and I’m documenting a lot of it and taking lots of pictures so I can look back after I survive this chapter and look back with beautiful memories and an empty nest. Thank you for the perspective.

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