Mental Health Day

When my kids were in school, every once in a while they would ask for a Mental Health Day. I would never allow it on a test day or other important day, but if I could see they were stressed/exhausted/overwhelmed every great once in a while they could talk me into saying yes.

Today I understood what they meant. It has been a long winter in NJ. (And I was born and raised in MN so I KNOW what a long winter is like.) It even snowed here on 3/31 and they are talking about the possibility of more next week. Really?!

Today was to be a glorious, sunny, almost 70 degree day. I’m lucky that I live about an hours drive from a beautiful ocean beach. I’m also lucky that one of my besties lives near there.


And so today, I gave myself a Mental Health Day. I met said bestie for brunch. We caught up on life and kids and stuff. We walked the beach. We stopped for tea. And we walked the beach again. It was so windy that we declared that we got credit for walking and for resistance training while walking into the wind! Beach, friend and exercise – is that not a great trifecta?!

We saw a sign that summer would soon be here – patio furniture set up at the restaurants just waiting for warm spring and summer nights.


It was a welcome sight after such a long winter.

Tell me friend, do you give yourself a Mental Health Day? If so, what do you do on them?

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