This Is Why I Can’t Shop at HomeGoods

It was my second attempt at getting a tablecloth for my kitchen table. The first one I got at Home Goods was too small. Of course I realized this after washing it. So now I have a very nice, slightly oversized tablecloth for a card table, should that need ever arise.

On this trip I was focused on one thing and not all the shiny objects that get my attention walking through HomeGoods. I was focused on getting the right size kitchen tablecloth. I was hoping to find a bigger version of the first tablecloth, but with this being the holiday weekend the endcap was nearly wiped out of summery tablecloths. I had even written down the size (figured out by the packaging on the first tablecloth) before leaving for the store! And, there it was. An acceptable tablecloth in the size I needed.

I got home, and feeling confident I got the right size, threw it in the washing machine. Then I proudly pulled it out of the dryer, placed it on the table and this…


WTH?! I dig the packaging out of the garbage and read that it is an indoor/outdoor tablecloth. Hmmm…are people putting umbrellas in their kitchen tables these days? Or is there some other use for a hole in the middle of your kitchen table, maybe a topiary tree or elaborate light fixture?

Friends, this is why I shop at Target. At my beloved Target, house tablecloths are in the kitchen section. Patio tablecloths are in the seasonal section in the back corner of the store. Your brain doesn’t have to work as hard.

There is a bit of a saving grace – While I was at HomeGoods for the first tablecloth I got this great bowl on clearance for $9.99. I shall fill it with lemons.


Tell me – are you a great HomeGoods shopper? Do you have any tips for me?

10 thoughts on “This Is Why I Can’t Shop at HomeGoods

  1. Cheryl says:

    Lol! No I get overwhelmed when I get in that store! I have a rule. I can not put anything into my cart until I get through the entire store. Once I’m finished if I can still remember the things I thought I just had to have I allow myself to go back and get it. Otherwise it’s a disaster and I way over spend! That is my Home Goods shopping tip!

    • I didn’t know they would take something back that I washed! Of course, I already threw the packaging away. You must be a HomeGoods pro! Do you need it for your deck table? 😉

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