Pumpkin Spice Fever


By now, you’ve probably had your first PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) of the season. I don’t even drink coffee but I had to get one to see what the craze was all about. It was good (I imagine much better if you actually like coffee) as was the Pumpkin Loaf. This was at Starbucks of course – didn’t they invite the whole PSL trend?


Many smart marketers have caught on to Pumpkin Spice fever. There are pumpkin sections everywhere. Target had one. My local supermarket had quite a vast pumpkin section. I’m familiar with pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie filling. I wasn’t even surprised with pumpkin syrup or pumpkin spice Nestle morsels.

But, when did pumpkin jello become a thing? Or pumpkin tortilla chips?

And, then this happened…


Really? Oh, how I laughed at that.

But then I kept thinking of them. I had to have them. The PSL fever had taken over. There was such a huge display of them a couple weeks ago, but don’t you know, when I went back to get my pack they were gone. (I think my Minnesota accent just came back – did you read that as “dontcha know”?) Apparently many people needed pumpkin cups – not orange cups from the party store, mind you, but pumpkin cups!

I scored the last bag. They were actually in a laundry basket tilted over on the very top shelf over the “regular” party cups in the paper goods aisle. I felt like I found a unicorn.

I had all these ideas about how I would use the pumpkin cups and I felt the need to share them with you. (Good luck finding them by the way, you may want to settle for orange cups from the party store.)

You can use them to play a fun Minute to Win It cup stacking game. You can let your party guests decorate them with jack-o-lantern faces. Or you can use them for a holiday version of a game you may have played in college.


So, I’m curious, what pumpkin things have found their way into your home this season? Do you have Pumpkin Spice Fever?

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