My New Travel Essentials

Not that you knew my old travel essentials, but these are some things I make sure I have with me now that I’m a little older and more tired!

Band-Aid Blister Guards are amazing. You want to wear the cute, new shoes and these will save your feet.

Also for the feet, these Dr. Scholl’s Pro Pain Relief Orthotics go into every pair of shoes I buy. Having had Plantar Fasciitis once, I do everything I can to avoid it coming back.

For snacks I need protein so a big bag of nuts is good for me and for sharing. I bring small zip top bags to portion them out. I’m also currently loving the Dark Chocolate BarkThins when you just need some chocolate.

I am constantly writing and taking notes and I’m a stationery supplies geek. My current favorite pens are the Ink Joy Gel Pens in .7 – they seriously write like butter. And, I love the paper in the Moleskine notebooks. There is a bit of bleed through from the pens (you could use lighter pens) but when taking notes at a conference I tend to only write on the right hand pages.

The binder clips are actually not for my papers. I use them to keep the curtains shut. I am so sensitive to light and a terrible sleeper so I need to make sure those drapes don’t have gaps.

To go along with the sleep items, I also love this eye mask.

My kids call it a mini bra. I couldn’t use traditional eye masks because it took a while for my vision to clear after having the mask press on my eyes overnight. This mask has a contoured shape so you can blink your eyes. I got it from the Container Store.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing what I’ve been packing for my conferences and travels. I hope it helps you.

What are some of your travel essentials? Are you going anywhere fun before the summer ends?

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