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No More Back to School

It’s back to school day in my town. Not for me, my youngest is a senior year in college. While I’ve been feeling nostalgic the last few days with all the Facebook posts about little ones going back to school, I have to say there are some positive things about today for me. 1. I didn’t have to wake up

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How Snow Days Are Different

Snow days are different now that I’m an empty nester. Here is what I discovered a few days ago during Juno – the blizzard that fizzled. You don’t get a call on every device in your house at 5:30 in the morning, letting you know you can sleep in because it’s a snow day. You don’t need the big grocery

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Solo Activities

Solo Activities As an introvert, not only do I like time by myself I actually need it. Learning that about myself was very powerful. One thing I never did though was go to a movie alone. I’m not sure why. Sitting in a dark theater, who is looking to see if you are by yourself or with someone? Not like

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It’s October 30th and I haven’t bought a real pumpkin yet. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but I am from Anoka, Minnesota, the Halloween Capital of the World. (I’m totally not kidding, you can check it out here.) Growing up, Halloween was a week long event with a couple parades, a Pumpkin Bowl football game

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I May Have Too Much Time On My Hands

It started innocently enough. I was not in love with my current planner. (Yes, I’m still a paper person.) I felt I wasn’t keeping track of things or getting enough done. (In hindsight, perhaps that was just my menopausal mind.) So I started watching You Tube videos on planners. This was my first experience getting sucked into You Tube videos.

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Blankies, Binkies and Bears! Oh my!

Did your kids have a favorite thing that they dragged around everywhere? Each of mine did. For Kid 1 it was a stuffed pink bear named, aptly enough, Pink Bear. That bear become my second child long before I had a second child. That bear flew first class (bumped up, because the flight attendant thought my daughter was a cutie),

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Back to No School

It’s the first day of school in my town. It’s also the first time in 19+ years I haven’t had a 1st day of school moment or photo op, unless this counts. There will be no moment of “ah, finally I get some quiet time in this house” like I had in the past. On the other hand, there will

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And, he’s off…

Starting a blog about your empty nest as you are moving your last child out is not the brightest idea I had. The first words I needed to write were to him. To say the things I couldn’t say in the weeks leading up to his departure. The things I was hoping I could say before my last goodbye which

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