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Low Key Celebrations for Major Milestones

My in laws recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, my father in law is not up to leaving the house, but we still wanted to celebrate this milestone in their lives. Here are some quick tips that we used to create a low key celebration for a big life event. We kept the guest list small – just their

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

A first for me. I now have the kit. Do you have one? During a routine eyebrow and lip wax my girl started plucking my neck and chin. I said, “wow, I thought I had those under control.” She replied, “you didn’t think I’d let you out of here with those, did you?” My gosh, I thought, how many were

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Mental Health Day

When my kids were in school, every once in a while they would ask for a Mental Health Day. I would never allow it on a test day or other important day, but if I could see they were stressed/exhausted/overwhelmed every great once in a while they could talk me into saying yes. Today I understood what they meant. It

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Solo Activities

Solo Activities As an introvert, not only do I like time by myself I actually need it. Learning that about myself was very powerful. One thing I never did though was go to a movie alone. I’m not sure why. Sitting in a dark theater, who is looking to see if you are by yourself or with someone? Not like

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And, he’s off…

Starting a blog about your empty nest as you are moving your last child out is not the brightest idea I had. The first words I needed to write were to him. To say the things I couldn’t say in the weeks leading up to his departure. The things I was hoping I could say before my last goodbye which

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Here we go…

Making your first blog post feels a little like jumping off a cliff! This is how it started. A fun writing prompt at a Writer Babes workshop, sharing it on Facebook, friendly encouragement and here we are. This is the Facebook post that led to the birth of my blog. I hope you enjoy it. We were given a writing prompt

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